In parallel with ever increasing values of our customers; we are supplying their ever changing needs, demands and conditions in line with their expectations, we are always providing the highest level of customer satisfaction.  Within the framework of Total Quality Management and its essence the understanding of "development of the individual is the development of society ", our company Arsal Gıda, believes that we will always be successful as long as we work with belief and improvement. By supplying high quality service in order to mainly;  win the trust of more customers; increase our market share and competitiveness;  fulfil our responsibilities better towards our employees, society and environment;
  • To progress by taking the happiness of our society as essential, improvement of our brand as our target and customer satisfaction as our aim,
  • To carry out the requirements of our understanding of quality by conscious and responsive work of our employees, to increase our effectiveness continuously by always controlling our adaptability and adequacy,
  • To supply our employees with stability of individual improvement and satisfaction, by supporting and motivating their skills and experiences through continuous education processes,
  • To evaluate all the activities with the approach of process  in order to reach effective, productive work results in a short time and their betterment,
  • To cultivate business relationships with our customers based on mutual benefit and trust for the customer satisfaction by following developments in science and technology.

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