Arsal Gıda Sanayi has been established in 1969. The company has started to flourish in his mind when Hüseyin Arsal has started his education in Ankara University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Nutrition and Fermentation. Hüseyin Arsal has completed his education in 1974 with the dream of constituting a plant that will facilitate food production one day.  Hüseyin Arsal had the opportunity to go to internship and work in various pickle and jam factories during his education. Returning to Cyprus in 1974, Hüseyin Arsal has  worked in different units  of  Ministry of Agriculture and has been assigned to the position of inspector in Agricultural Products Inspection Service in 1978.

In 1979, he has started to produce Bikla with his wife Sıdıka at home in order to realise their dream and support their family economically. Bikla was a product that was consumed in high amounts both in Europe and Cyprus. However, it was a difficult product that requires great stock of knowledge. In the future, starting production of such a challenging task will play a great role on the improvement of production and product range of Arsal Gıda Sanayi.

In the year 1988,  Hüseyin Arsal has rented an atelier with his wife Sıdıka in their neighbourhood and supplying the women in their neighbourhood with part - time employment, increased the bikla production by improving manufacturing process and  started to meet the consumer with the product in most parts  of Cyprus. Turkish Cypriot Community who had preferred foreign brands imported from abroad for many years, started to use their domestic brand, Arsal Bikla, instead. Since then, Bikla import has almost stopped in Cyprus.  This is a huge success that Arsal Gıda achieved.

In the year 1996, increased domestic business volume of Arsal Gıda required a new business location due to the increase in production. The new production facility kept on production upon various maintenances. Here, in addition to bikla, productions of traditional pickles also started.  As the time goes on, Turkish Cypriot Community has started to prefer Arsal products more and more, and pickles and bikla have been more appreciated.

Arsal Gıda Sanayi which resumed the production in this structure till the year 2002, has moved into its new plant that is situated on 5 decare land with 4 000 m2 indoor area. When Hüseyin Arsal 's son Hakan Arsal also stepped in to deal with a big portion of the work and to follow the technology by forming a new production line,  these efforts of him  accelerated the process of improving the capacity of the plant. Completing numerous projects with success the plant has developed a modern structure.   

It was inevitable to increase production because of increased demand to Arsal products. The new development in the production area will help better standards to be reached and requirements being supplied. This resulted in starting the production of jam and Cyprus Sweet (Special kind of fruit compote or candied fruits locally called 'Macun') after the year 2002.
As the demand of Turkish Cypriot Community for Arsal products was increasing, the need to form a more powerful brand name became even more urgent than before. To be a brand name preferred by the customers is only possible by ensuring sustainability and profitability, opening to international markets and fulfilling the requirements of being a brand name. Arsal Gıda aims to supply its customers with never ending reliability by continuing customer centred approaches and making no compromises about the quality of the products.

Arsal Gıda Sanayi is the first company in Cyprus to develop and produce the concept of traditional and local food. With an increase in the product range, it supplies clients in both Cyprus and the foreign markets with innovation, health and taste. The most important criteria of being a successful brand are to sustain the identity of the company in the second field of production and reflect the image of the brand with new varieties of products.

Arsal as a food brand has conducted many first activities in different fields in Cyprus during this period. Among them, we can mention; first pickle production, first jam production, production of Cyprus specific tastes based on professional and hygiene conditions and carrying out these activities crowned by international quality certificates.
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Our Institutional Values
Our first priority is our consumers and customers. We try first to figure out our domestic and international customer's need appropriately and urgently with all of our units, and we have tendency to supply their needs rapidly, proactively and innovatively.
Our Vision
Arsal Gıda Sanayi wishes to; enlarge with its employees and suppliers, supply the Turkish Cypriot Community and clients in the country with traditional and local Cyprus products in high quality and increase profitability and productivity with its employees. As Arsal Gıda Sanayi, our philosophy is to be an institution that; complies with legal and moral rules, gives importance to environment and nature, evaluates the human resource carefully and develop itself and its products always with R & D studies.
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Our Operational Perfectionism
The core of our understanding of operational perfectionism is composed of ; using technology in all fields, plain work processes, a defined work system and our system of rapid decision making based on data. Agility is among our basic features.

Our Human Resources
We believe that ; human resources fashioned with science, unity, following the light of our success, being trained, experienced, having high levels of belonging and owning, being open to all scientific developments, giving importance to information sharing and spirit of unity, adopting an understanding of participative management  and success oriented work, are among our most important values.